Monday, July 26, 2010

Ugly Tomato

It's the holy grail of summertime food. That first ripe for-real tomato.
We talk about them and in fits of foodie rage we try pretty red specimens over and over from January to July. Always ending up disappointed with that metallic-acidic hothouse impostor.

I've been so busy but I made it to my local Farmer's Market a few weeks ago and stumbled on a red beauty and grabbed it up as though I hadn't had one in .. oh... say A YEAR... I brought that baby home and..... forgot about it. Shame!

I was sitting at work days (many days) later and I remembered that tomato and hung my head when I came to realize that even if I did locate it. I'd probably refrigerated it (unforgivable) and it was too far past its prime to be called my "first real summer tomato".
What is the matter with me?!

Then, last Tuesday night I went out sailing with my friends. I had stuffed some bratwurst and sauerkraut and a few hoagie rolls into my insulated bag to call dinner. As we started preparing dinner my friend pulled out this beauty (which is actually named Ugly) and I had catch my breath briefly.

Then by some miracle I found good sense and grabbed my phone for a picture. That was the most beautiful Ugly tomato I think I've ever seen.

When tomatoes are in season and you can get your hands on a real one. Not the hothouse impostors - Celebrate the occasion with a lovely Panzanela Salad or a spicy bowl of Gazpacho. Or a shaker of salt and a movie.